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Strawberry Tart Recipe

Last August I made a batch of 4 strawberry tarts. It’s taken me a while to write them up 🙂

Fresh Cream Strawberry Tart

I’ve always loved a fresh cream strawberry tart, topped with that gloopy sweet glaze and fresh strawberries (that haven’t been frozen first).

When looking for Strawberry tart recipes getting the proper glaze was the hardest part, as they are almost always listed as jam / preserve based glaze. This is not what I had from local bakeries growing up, and was never going to replace my Tesco strawberry tart habit!

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Easy Minced Beef Pie

For me perfect winter food is warming, rich and easy to make, there is less hovering over the stove, less stress. This “pie” is exactly that, instead of making a meat pie incased in pastry you make the meat filling then top with a square of puff pastry on the plate!

Easy Minced Beef Pie

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British Apple Pie

This weekend I bought a pie dish with a fluted edge. I wanted my first homemade apple pie to be just a little bit special.

Apple Pie

In fact there were a lot of things I wanted from this pie. I wanted it to be the perfect end to my Sunday lunch. I wanted it to be perfectly warm after a cold walk out in park. I wanted it to be just like my Gran’s Apple Pie. As much as I love cinnamon I didn’t want this to be an American Apple Pie and I wanted this to be different from the pies you get in the supermarket.

Oh dear I was expecting a lot from this pie.

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Scottish Mince Round or Pie Recipe

Note: If you are looking for a Mincemeat pie then you might be more interested in this Christmassy Cherry and Almond Mincemeat Pie Recipe.

While being Scottish and living my whole life in Scotland, I didn’t grow up on the traditional Scottish fare. My parents loved Indian curries, Italian Pizzas and Pastas and by the time I was getting into my teens Mexican. So it wasn’t until my all-to-brief holiday up north to Macduff that I truly appreciated the simplicity and satiating nature of a mince round.

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