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Salmon Kedgeree

Now please don’t take away my food blogging license – but I am going to tell you a secret. Until Friday I had never boiled an egg.

Salmon Kedgeree

I’ve fried eggs, poached them, scrambled them, made omelettes and frittatas but I’ve never hard or soft boiled an egg.

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I am finally home, and after almost a week away there is only one thing I want. A home cooked meal, and maybe if you’ll give me a second option – some sleep!

Atlanta was wonderful and I met so many great people, including Nancy a fellow food blogger from The Dogs Eat the Crumbs. As some of you may know I am an almost anonymous blogger, so it was lovely to meet another food blogger – to be able to talk about what we do.

Nancy and I

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Tattie Scone

Tattie Scones are thin scones made with Potatoes (or Tatties) that are perfect as a substitute for hash browns or toast in a fry up.

They are also quite good hot out of the frying pan in a roll with tomato ketchup. Back home, right beside my old high school there was an Italian Cafe that sold cheap breakfast rolls to the kids. Bacon rolls were always more expensive, so if you wanted your can of juice, a roll and a chocolate bar, you always went for the cheaper option – the Tattie Scone Roll.

Tattie Scones

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